Dental Crowns

Damaged, decaying, or missing teeth can be a concern cosmetically for your smile, and they can also affect the overall health of your mouth. We often see patients whose damaged teeth cause pain, discomfort, and sensitivity, making them more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay in the surrounding teeth. In these cases, dental crowns are a great option to restore oral health and improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile. A Dental Crown restores the look of your smile, matching the original tooth shape, size & texture.

Dental Crowns

Do i Need a Crown on my Teeth?

When Should I plan to get a Dental Crown?

  • You have a weakened tooth after severe decay or cavity
  • You want to cover an implant
  • To replace a large filling
  • A natural tooth that is damaged or cracked
  • A tooth that has undergone a root canal (especially posterior teeth)
  • To align your bite

Procedure of getting Dental Crowns

  1. Your dentist will inject a local anesthetic into the gums near your tooth. The anesthetic prevents you from feeling pain during the procedure. 
  2. Your dentist will reshape your tooth so that the crown can fit snugly over it. To do this, he or she may fill any hollowed-out areas of your tooth with a filling material.
  3. Your dentist will make a mold (impression) of your tooth and the teeth around it with a type of putty.
  4. The Dental Impressions will be sent to a lab for preparation of your Crown. In the meanwhile a temporary crown may be given.
  5. After a few days you will have to return to your dentist will place your permanent crown with permanent cement. 
In this simple procedure you can get your Dental Caps and Crowns done easily.
Divine Smiles Dental Crowns

Different Types of Crowns

Some of the older Crown types are :

  1. Metal Crowns
  2. Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

Crowns done at Divine Smiles Dental Care :

  1. All Porcelain Crowns
  2. Zirconia Crowns

Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

They provide great aesthetics

They are strong and long-lasting (less possibilities of chipping or breaking).

Zirconia Crowns are less likely to wear down due to their strength.

They are biocompatible: as metal free crowns, they are not likely to cause allergic reactions.

10 Year Warranty