Caps & Crowns

 Crowns are full coverage restorations that are used to cover a tooth that is likely to break, or is too broken down to be restored with a filling. They are most commonly done after root canal treatment, or when a large filling wears out. The larger the hole made by a cavity that has to be treated, the more likely a crown will be needed. Even after a filling is put in a large cavity, a tooth is more likely to break.

 Crowns placed on a weakened tooth, providing strength and protect the tooth against breakage. A broken or cracked tooth is a far more serious matter and much more difficult to treat. Crowns help prevent this, as well as providing a nice smile.

 At DIvine Smiles, it generally takes two appointments to restore a tooth with a crown. In the first appointment the dentist will remove any decay from the tooth and shape it to accept the crown. Then an impression is made of the tooth for use in fabricating a crown.

 Between the two visits the crown is made by highly skilled technicians. In the second visit the permanent crown is adjusted as needed and then cemented in place.

 We, at DIVINE SMILES, provide with Ceramic and well as Zirconia crowns to cater to all your requirements.

Our Zirconia crowns come with a minimum 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind after treatment with us.