Dr Ashna is a specialist in cosmetic laser dentistry and root canal treatment. She has graduated from the reputed Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai. Having done a number of courses to update her knowledge and enhance her skills, she aims to provide the best dental care to her patients with utmost care and comfort. 

Dr. Sandhya is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and Implantology. Passionate about always enhancing her knowledge, she regularly does courses India and abroad.

Dr. Sandhya Biyani graduated from the prestigious Nair hospital dental college, Mumbai. After having done her graduation she worked for 3 years under the best dentists in Mumbai while advancing her knowledge by doing specialized courses in Implantology, orthodontics, Endodontics, cosmetic & aesthetic dentistry. Recently returned from UCLA, California she has brought the latest in dental tech to India.

Along with her passion of designing smiles, dr. Sandhya is an avid trekker, passionate painter and loves her music.

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Dedicated team of highly trained dental assistants. With this team of trained specialists Divine Smiles puts patients to full ease making dental treatment into a Dental Spa for a extremely relaxed and fun experience

Divine Smiles Dental Clinic is a chain of smile therapy centers offering the best of medical as well as aesthetic dental treatments in the most relaxing setting.

Gift with your child with a smile they will cherish for the rest of their lives with the latest in orthodontic treatments

Creating Generations of Smiles

Dr. Manali Pathak is specialist in Cosmetic Laser Dentistry and Smile Designing. She has graduated as a Dental Surgeon from TKDC, Kolhapur. She has keen interest in pursuing advanced courses to update her knowledge. She has great skills in handling kids and making dental treatment comfortable for them